The term ‘classical’ refers to the period in history that began with the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and continued through the late nineteenth century. Classical education entailed distinct teaching methodologies for subjects such as mythology, art, architecture, and languages.

Classical education has produced some of the Western world’s greatest thinkers, scientists, and leaders, including the United States of America’s founding fathers.

Beginning in the twentieth century, there was a gradual shift from the classical education model to a progressive education model. In the last decade, however, classical education has reemerged as educators, parents, and students experience the lifelong benefits derived from a foundational classical education.

Woodstream Christian Academy integrates time-tested classical education teaching methods across all subject areas, including history,mathematics, art, science, and music. Our curriculum is infused with requirements for reading the great works of literature and ancient philosophy. In addition, students in grades 3-8 are required to study Latin.

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