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Woodstream Christian Academy provides a rigorous academic program that encourages students to strive for excellence. WCA integrates time-tested classical education teaching methods based on the Trivium. The Trivium consists of three stages, Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. Each stage is distinct to encourage creative, critical thinking, as well as verbal and written skills.

The curriculum is infused with the classical methodology across all subject areas including history, mathematics, science, art and music. Essential are the requirements for reading the great works of literature and understanding ancient philosophy.

The faculty is committed to providing students with opportunities for independent growth, reasoning skills and developing godly perceptive in a progressive world.



"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old,
he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)

WCA’s Early Childhood Education Department represents “The Foundational Years of Learning." Our teachers and staff are passionate about developing the “whole child” and are committed to providing a rich, Christ-centered learning environment. Through the integration of technology, educational research, and age-appropriate teaching strategies, students are well equipped to advance to the next level of learning.

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Kindergarten: "Shaping Hearts and Minds for a Bright Future"

WCA's Kindergarten department provides the framework for early learning. Our dedicated educators nurture the hearts and minds of students to cultivate Christian character, critical thinking skills, and early reading. We integrate classical methodology, differentiated instruction, and individualized learning strategies to achieve academic success for all learners.  Our commitment is to equip students with the tools for life-long learning and shape the next generation with wisdom and knowledge for a bright future.

1st - 6th Grades Grammar School

WCA’s 1st - 6th grades of the Grammar School set forth the Classical Christian model of education based on the Trivium.  The first stage, the Grammar stage, focuses on the acquisition of facts, introduction to the writing process, and development of critical reading and thinking skills. Students systematically memorize and learn information through songs, chants, jingles and oratorical presentations. As our students advance within the Grammar School it becomes a “World of Exploration" with strong emphases placed on math and science as students research, present and defend a scientific Thesis.  Our dedicated educators integrate Classical themes, online learning, and project-based lessons to stimulate academic success for all learners. Students are equipped with knowledge, wisdom, and virtue to become life-long learners, sharp thinkers, and the great leaders of tomorrow.

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The second stage of the Trivium is the Logic stage. In this stage, the students proceed to take the facts and knowledge they’ve accumulated and study their relationships. Interdisciplinary studies provide an opportunity for the student to learn to reason using the laws of formal logic and correct argument. Our dedicated staff also uses this phase to build Christian Character through focused discussions and community service.

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The third stage of the Trivium is the Rhetoric Stage. In this stage, students are instructed to skillfully apply the facts learned in Grammar and Logic. Students learn the skill of articulation by eloquently and persuasively presenting and defending their thoughts from a Biblical World View. Rhetoric focuses on a Christ-centered approach to education. God’s truth, order, and attributes are integrated into each subject’s matter. The curriculum is geared to developing a well-trained mind.

Classical Christian Education at the Rhetoric phase has two purposes: Provide a rigorous course of study which develops virtue and encourages discipline, leading to a mastery of the subject matter; and Promote Systematic Study which equips the student with the skills necessary to converse intelligibly about history, literature, language, science, and math.


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Join Us This Summer!

K3 – K4: June 17 – August 9, 2019
K5 – 7th Grade: June 17 – August 9, 2019

Woodstream Day Camp is an academically enriching environment that incorporates classroom instruction in math, language arts, physical education, Bible, and character education with exciting field trips and afternoon activities! Students in grades K3 through 7th grade at the end of the 2018- 2019 school year are allowed to attend. Campers are required to have at least attained the age of 3 1/2 years at the time of attendance.

Woodstream Christian Academy is certified by the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

For more information, please read our PDF WDC Brochure

To apply for enrollment into WDC please complete the WDC Application
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Please download, complete and turn in the following forms
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The Fine Arts department is an integral part of Woodstream Christian Academy. It offers a variety of credited electives including Music, Dance, Sign Language and Drama. Through these classes, students have the opportunity to utilize their God-given talents and allow their hearts and minds to be open to new passions and purposes God may have for their lives. The goal is to expose students to as many genres of each categorized art form through a historical, classical, Biblical, and social approach.

Each art form has ministry opportunities as students display their abilities during the annual Christmas Program, Heritage and Fine Arts Concerts. Performance opportunities are available school-wide and those enrolled in Fine Arts classes receive performance grades. Students are also encouraged to embrace the classical components and resources available to them through annual visits to the Kennedy Center, ACSI Fine Arts competitions or by auditioning for the newly formed Chancellor’s Ensemble.

Exposure to the arts produces well-rounded children who are able to creatively face academic and social issues. Students who participate in Fine Arts electives are trained to have a firm understanding that worship was created by God and that music, drama, dance and sign language are mediums to express that love and adoration back to Him.

Fine Arts Courses Offered

Music Appreciation (K2 - 8th Grades):
Students are given a full scope of the classical, spiritual and historical aspects of music as they learn diction, memorization, melody and history. Students also learn rhythm through use of the piano and the recorder. 7th and 8th grade students conduct in-depth projects on classical composers as well as gain understanding on how music has influenced today’s culture.

Drama (7th - 12th Grades):
Students memorize monologues, write short plays, learn about historical events, analyze dramatic plays and are given opportunities to perform in and outside of the classroom setting.

Dance (7th - 12th Grades):
Students are taught body awareness (proper alignment), dance composition (the art of choreography and performance), the history of dance as well as ballet, modern, and liturgical dance forms.

Woodstream Christian Academy is a member of the American Independent Music Association (AIMA).

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